How to Apply Kids' Vampire Makeup

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Things You'll Need

  • White face paint

  • Charcoal eye shadow

  • Red eye shadow or red blusher

  • Black eyeliner

  • Black mascara

  • Fake blood

  • Red lipstick

  • Makeup sponge

  • Fake fangs

Your child can go as a scary vampire for Halloween with easy-to-apply makeup.

The key to a convincing kid-size vampire costume is the makeup. Everyone will know recognize your little Prince of Darkness by his pale skin, dramatically arched eyebrows and pointed teeth. A black cape completes the look, giving the costume a theatrical flair.


Step 1

Cover the entire face with white face paint. Apply lightly, so it covers the skin, but does not appear too thick or pasty.

Step 2

Apply charcoal eye shadow to the eyelids and up to the eyebrows. Smudge the charcoal shadow just underneath the eyes.

Step 3

Apply red eye shadow or red blusher below the smudged charcoal beneath the eyes. Use the makeup sponge to lightly smear the red.


Step 4

Line the upper and lower eyelids with black eyeliner. Apply black mascara to the eyelashes.

Step 5

Apply red lipstick to the lips. The lips will stand out like blood against the pale white face paint.

Step 6

Dab several drops of fake blood at the corners of the mouth.

Step 7

Cover the teeth with the fake vampire fangs.


Step 8

Darken light-colored eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil to enhance the paleness of the face and make the eyebrows look more pointed and angular.


Create a more death-like appearance by smearing red eye shadow near the eyebrows.


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