How to Straighten a Power Cord

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Things You'll Need

  • Power cord

  • Screwdriver

Straighten power cords that have become tangled.

Many common appliances are powered by electricity, usually connected from the appliance to an electricity supply by a cord. Hair dryers, irons, electric razors and more are usually powered this way. The cords can be easily jumbled with multiple uses, so it is important to straighten them regularly to avoid unnecessary entanglement.


Step 1

Unplug all electronics from their power supply.

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Step 2

Find the end of the cord with the plug and loosen it from the rest of the cord with your fingers. Push the end of the cord through any loops it is knotted with to unwind the knots. Loosen knots with a screwdriver if your fingers cannot reach between loops when untangling.

Step 3

Untangle all knots for the length of the cord.

Step 4

Pull the cord straight to insure any knots and kinks have been removed.


Purchase a straight power cord to avoid entanglement. Straight power cords lay flat on the ground and will not tangle as easily because of their wide, rectangular shape.


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