How to Cut a Sirlion Tip Roast

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Sirloin tip roast comes from the "knuckle" section of the cow.

Sirloin tip roast is an economical piece of meat that can serve several people easily, if cut properly. This kind of roast may also be packaged under the names "tip roast," "sirloin roast" or "round tip roast." Sirloin roasts are cut from the back haunches of cattle, next to the tender sirloin steaks. Like all beef, this roast should be cut after the meat has cooked thoroughly for the safest food and best flavor.


Step 1

Insert the a meat thermometer into the center of the roast. Check the temperature of the cooking meat until you see a reading of 130 degrees F. Once this temperature is reached, remove the meat from the heat source.

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Step 2

Place the meat tray on a heat proof counter top or stove. Allow the meat to rest for 30 minutes. During this time the meat will continue to cook on its own and absorb the surrounding juices.

Step 3

Position the roast on a cutting board placing the long sides of the roast at the top and bottom. The short sides of the meat will be on the left and right.

Step 4

Slice a 1/2-inch wide piece of meat from the right end of the roast, and examine it. The slice should be easy to tear apart, not long and stringy. If the piece you cut is stringy and tough, turn the roast 90 degrees and slice again.

Step 5

Lay the sliced meat on a serving tray and continue to slice until all the meat is sliced up.


You'll need to cut through any long strands of muscle or meat to make them smaller, and more palatable.

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