How to Secure a Shepherd's Hook in the Ground

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Things You'll Need

  • Hanging plants

  • Lawn decorations

A shepherd's hook is a rod of forged iron with one or two sweeping curves at the top. The hook is designed to hold hanging plants, lanterns and decorations, such as wind chimes, in your garden or on the lawn. The shepherd's hook has two pointed spikes at the bottom for anchoring into the ground. A flat iron bar above the spikes provides leverage for driving the hook into firm soil.


Step 1

Hold the shepherd's hook upright in the desired spot for securing the spikes in the soil, preferably on level ground.

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Step 2

Rotate the iron rod so the hook or hooks at the top are facing in the desired direction.


Step 3

Place your foot on the flat iron bar above the two ground spikes as though the bar is a step. Push down on the bar with your foot to drive the spikes into the soil until the bar is pressed against the ground.

Step 4

Hang plants or decorations on the iron hooks at the top.



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