How to Remove Embroidery From Bags

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Remove embroidery from a bag with a seam ripper.

Words, initials, logos and designs are embroidered onto a variety of objects made from material. Bags, such as beach or tote bags, are often adorned with embroidery as a means of decoration, identification and advertising. When the embroidered image is no longer desired on the bag, removal of the embroidery thread is done with the use of a specialized tool that aids with the removal process.


Step 1

Select a starting point on the bag for removing the embroidery. Choose a location in a corner or along the edge of lettering or a logo to begin.

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Step 2

Hold the bag so the embroidery is accessible. Hold a seam ripper in the opposite hand.


Step 3

Slide the point of the seam ripper under the thread of the embroidery.

Step 4

Continue to push the seam ripper forward with enough pressure to push the cutting edge behind the point of the ripper against the thread to cut.


Step 5

Continue to cut five or six embroidery threads located next to each other from the bag.

Step 6

Turn the bag cloth over to access the back side of the embroidery. Pull the cut threads back through the material to remove.


Step 7

Turn the bag back over to the top side of the material, cut more threads with the seam ripper and pull them through from the back until the desired amount of embroidery is removed.



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