How to Set a Digital Indoor Light Timer

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Digital light timers provide an automatic way to turn lights and appliances on and off on a set schedule, whether or not you are home. Use these timers to enhance the security of your home, to appear as though someone is in the house while you're away. Also use these timers to turn on exterior lights, so your home will be lit when you arrive at night. Although each model is slightly different, these timers are fairly simple to set and offer different programming options for weekdays and weekends.


Step 1

Install the batteries. Open the battery door to your unit and insert the appropriate batteries listed inside the battery door. Alternatively, if the batteries are pre-installed in your digital timer, pull the small, plastic tab on the battery door that activates the batteries. If you have a plug-in unit, plug the timer into the nearest receptacle.


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Step 2

Set the current date and time. Using the date/time buttons on your timer, set the unit to the current date and time by scrolling through the numbers until the correct date/time is displayed. Some timer models also allow for a daylight savings correction and will ask you for your current time zone and/or country. The current date/time is critical to the correct operation of any on/off programs that you may add.


Step 3

Set the weekday "on" times. Select your first program by pressing the "program" button (or equivalent) and program your first "on" time, along with the appropriate weekdays, which are displayed at the bottom of the timer.

Step 4

Select the "off" time in the same manner as the "on" time. Alternatively, some timers are equipped with a "dawn and dusk" setting that allows the timer to calculate when it will be dark outside, setting the lights to come on appropriately. The dawn and dusk setting changes throughout the year automatically.


Step 5

Set the weekend "on/off" times. Press the program button and scroll to the weekend days, setting the appropriate on/off times accordingly.

Step 6

Start the timer and save your programs by pressing the "program," "exit," or "enter" buttons to complete your on/off series and begin the light cycle process.


As each of these digital timers are slightly different, refer to your specific instruction manual for any questions regarding your timer model.



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