How to Surprise Someone With Tickets

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Surprising someone close to you with tickets to a concert or sporting event offers an interactive and entertaining gift. Thinking ahead and implementing careful planning assists in keeping the tickets a surprise. Make definite plans with the person you are surprising at a specific time for the date of the event well in advance. This ensures that he or she sets time aside, avoiding potential conflicts such as dual plans or working late so your surprise goes off unhindered.


Step 1

Make plans with the person for the day of the event at least two weeks in advance. Avoid making last-minute plans with the person, as she may need time to accommodate her schedule. Tell the person you are taking her out to lunch or dinner at a new hot spot near where the event is taking place and hype up the spot to get her excited.


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Step 2

Purchase the tickets online or over the phone. If the person you are surprising lives or shares a bank account with you, try to purchase the tickets with cash or a credit card that she does not have access to.

Step 3

Alert a close friend or relative that you are shipping the tickets to his address, if the person you are surprising lives with you. This will ensure that the surprise is not spoiled when she opens the mail.


Step 4

Put the tickets in a card that celebrates the occasion you purchased the tickets for, such as a birthday or anniversary. Seal the envelope.

Step 5

Pick up the person you are surprising on the day of the event, allowing extra time for event traffic and parking. Create dialogue throughout the ride to distract the person from your plan. Go to the fake destination for an actual pre-event meal or pretend to drive there and detour to an event parking lot.

Step 6

Give the card to the person you are surprising and tell her to open it.

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