How to Remove Glue From Your Face

Most types of glue can be removed from skin.
Most types of glue can be removed from skin. (Image: Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

There are medical and theatrical reasons for applying glue to your face. Sometimes, it happens accidentally. No matter what the reason, it must eventually be removed. There are various ways to remove glue from your face. Start with natural remedies to be safe. If natural solutions do not work, chemical solutions are available to get the pesky glue off your skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Petroleum jelly
  • Cold cream

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Warm Water

Shower in warm water for 20 minutes. The warm water should make direct contact with the glue on your face.

Rub the glue in a circular motion to loosen.

Continue to rub the area until the glue is removed.

Petroleum Jelly

Scoop a pea-sized amount of petroleum jelly out with your index and middle fingers. Apply the petroleum jelly to the affected areas.

Lift the edges of the glue from face. Work petroleum jelly under the edges of the glue.

Rub the area with petroleum jelly to loosen the glue.

Repeat Steps 1 to 4 until the glue is removed.

Cold Cream

Put a pea-sized amount of cold cream on your fingers.

Rub the cold cream around in both hands.

Place your hands on your face. Rub your face in an up and down motion for 3 minutes.

Rinse your face with warm water.

Repeat Steps 1 to 4 until the glue is removed.

Tips & Warnings

  • These methods work on Super Glue and other adhesives. For weaker glues, try the first or second method.


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