How to Build a Wooden Seat Rope Swing

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood plank

  • Sandpaper

  • Rope

  • Ladder

  • Circular saw

  • Drill

  • Spade style drill bit

Rope swings are timeless icons of summertime fun.

Swings have been a form of childhood entertainment for centuries. Children are largely incapable of building swings for themselves, so they often depend on public swings or adults to build swings for them. One style of swing is a wooden seat rope swing. This type of swing can be hung from a high tree branch and assembled with minimal use of tools.



Step 1

Cut a rectangular block approximately three feet wide by nine inches long from a plank of cheap, sturdy wood, such as pine or cedar, that is one to two inches thick. This block will form the seat. Starting with rough sandpaper and working your way down through to finer grains, sand down rough parts of the block. This will decrease splinters.


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Step 2

Throw a thick rope over a high, sturdy tree branch with no other branches too close to it. Measure the distance from the top of the branch to about three feet off the ground. Add another foot to this measurement to account for slack used in the knots to be tied. Cut your rope to the appropriate measurements and throw it back over the branch. Cut another length of rope the same length and throw it over the branch about three feet away from the other rope. Set the ladder up next to the tree and climb up so you can reach the ropes. Adjust the ropes so they sit three feet above the ground. Tie secure knots around the branch to keep the swing from falling. Make sure the ropes are tied three feet apart.


Step 3

Climb back down the ladder and use the drill out holes in the seat slightly wider than the rope using a spade style drill bit. Slide the ropes through the holes and tie knots under the swing to ensure the rope does not slip back through holes. Put weight on the swing to test if it will hold.



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