How to Check on an Order Placed to Omaha Steaks

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Things You'll Need

  • Internet access

  • Phone (optional)

  • Order confirmation number

Use the Internet to get details on your Omaha Steaks shipment.

Omaha Steaks offers an array of items that they ship to consumers. Options include various cuts of steaks such as filet mignon and top sirloin, seafood, pork, veal, lamb, poultry, marinades and a number of appetizers and desserts. You can check the status of your Omaha Steaks order online or by phone, using your order confirmation number.


Step 1

Check your email, using the email address you submitted when placing your order with Omaha Steaks. Find and open the order confirmation email sent from Omaha Steaks. Locate and write down the order confirmation number.

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Step 2

Call an Omaha Steaks customer service representative at 800-228-9872 or go to the Omaha Steaks website.

Step 3

Give your order confirmation number to the customer service representative if checking on your order by phone. If on the Internet, click "Order Status" on the upper right side of the Web page.

Step 4

Enter the order confirmation number from the email in the space provided. Click "Enter" to access detailed information regarding your Omaha Steaks order and shipment.


Check the status of your order to know the exact arrival date of your food, so you can prevent the Omaha Steaks perishables from being exposed to outdoor elements.


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