How to Find Out My SkyMiles Number

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SkyMiles is Delta's frequent-flyer program.
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A SkyMiles number is an easy thing to forget. Because it has 10 digits, most people probably never memorized theirs to begin with. And those cards are easy to misplace. You can try logging into your online account to find out what the number is, but maybe you forgot your password. Plus, if you don't have a user name, you'll need to enter your SkyMiles number to log in -- catch-22. Suddenly, Delta isn't ready when you are, but the airline does provide options to get you going again.


Retrieving You Number

The easiest way to retrieve your SkyMiles number is to log into your account online or via the Fly Delta app. If you don't have a user name or have forgotten your password/username, click the "Forgot Login/Password" link at the top of the home page. This will take you to the Login Help page. Click on the "I forgot my SkyMiles Number or Username" link and enter the email address you used when you first signed up for your SkyMiles account. Your account info will be emailed to that address. If you have an older account that used a PIN number, you will also need to create a password to continue accessing your account. The link for doing this is found on the Login Help page.

Using a Different Email Now

If you no longer use the email account you used to sign up for the SkyMiles program, call Delta's main customer service number. You will be directed to a SkyMiles representative who will need to verify some of your personal info on file to give you the number. You will also need to provide a new email address for your account.


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