How to Make a Jock Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Track suit

  • Football uniform or jersey

  • Jeans

  • Athletic sneakers or cleats

  • Letterman jacket

  • Class ring

  • Hair gel

  • Football

Jocks are synonymous with sports and popularity. To dress like a jock, you need only a few key pieces. To make this a couple costume, add a cheerleader. Jocks are typically football players, but any sport is fair game for a jock. Pull together a jock costume from things you may already have at home or items you can borrow, and it can be a fairly low-cost and simple costume to create.


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Step 1

Start with a sporty base for your jock costume, such as a tracksuit, which jocks wear to practice or put on after games, or an actual football or basketball uniform. If you can't get a hold to an entire uniform, a football jersey with jeans is a good alternative.


Step 2

Put on some athletic sneakers or, if you are going all out, wear a pair of cleats like real players wear on the field. It doesn't matter what color the athletic shoes are. Cleats are usually black or white, but also come in other shades to match team colors.


Step 3

Accessorize the look with a letter jacket. This tells the world you have lettered in your chosen sport. Put on an oversized gold class ring.

Step 4

Slick back or spike your hair with hair gel.


Step 5

Grab a football to use as a prop. Jocks like to toss around the ball with their friends whenever they have a free moment.