How to Remove a Milgard Sliding Window Screen

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Milgard replacement windows are built for quick cleaning. Each window comes with either a full screen or half screen, depending on the style. Milgard slider windows have a half screen that covers the side of the window that slides open. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the screens for cleaning the tracks or replacing them due to damage. Unlike the case with many replacement windows, removing a Milgard sliding window screen does not require unlocking screen latches.


Step 1

Slide the Milgard sliding window to the fully open position. This gives full access to the window screen.

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Step 2

Place your fingers on the ledge of the window screen at the end of the window frame. The slider window screens have an angle ledge on the end that runs from the top of the screen to the bottom.

Step 3

Position your other hand on the end of the screen near the center of the window. This is the side of the screen that has two spring clips between the screen frame and the window frame.

Step 4

Push the screen toward the middle of the window frame with your fingers and push the end of the screen toward the outside. Hold the screen and pull it away from the middle of the window frame.

Step 5

Turn the screen at an angle and pull it through the window opening.


Installation is the reverse of removal.

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