How to Freeze Almonds & Walnuts

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Freeze shelled almonds and walnuts to keep them fresh for up to two years. Buy nuts in bulk and shell them during the harvest season to freeze and use all year, or take advantage of sales. All nuts contain natural oils that become rancid over time when stored at room temperature, but freezing helps keep them fresh for longer. Freezing almonds and walnuts requires no special equipment or processing, but freshly shelled nuts should be dried in a single layer for 24 hours before freezing.


Take out the quantity desired and thaw to eat as a snack or add to a recipe.
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Things You'll Need

  • Zip-Top Freezer Bags

  • Permanent Marker

Step 1

Put the shelled nuts into zip-top freezer bags.

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Step 2

Press as much air as you can out of the bags, then seal them.

Step 3

Place the bags of nuts in the freezer. T


Write the date on the bags before you fill them. There is no need to repackage unopened commercially packaged nuts before freezing. You can also use plastic freezer storage containers. Use bags or containers especially designed for freezing foods to prevent freezer burn and ensure maximum freshness.


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