How to Play Bozo Buckets

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Things You'll Need

  • Six buckets

  • One ball

  • Prizes

Bozo's Buckets was the "Grand Prize Game" in the popular children's program, Bozo's Circus. It aired during the '60s and '70s and consisted of games, contests, stunts and circus acts. Although the show has been off the air for many years, Bozo's Buckets remains a popular game, frequently played at birthday parties and carnivals.


Step 1

Place six buckets on the ground in a line. The larger the buckets are, the easier the game will be. For older children, consider using sand pails for a greater challenge.


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Step 2

Ask the first player to stand in front of the first bucket.


Step 3

Give that player a ping-pong ball. For younger children, use bean bag balls or balls made out of foam.


Step 4

Instruct the player to throw the ball in the bucket closest to her.


Step 5

Give the player a small prize if she succeeds in her throw.


Step 6

Instruct the player to throw the ball in the next closest bucket to her. Again, award her a prize if she succeeds in her throw, making each successive gift more substantial than the last. Each player gets to continue throwing to the next furthest bucket until she misses.


For younger children, allow two or three misses before they are out of the game.


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