How to Make a Bouquet for a Pageant

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Things You'll Need

  • Roses or long-stem flowers

  • Sharp knife

  • Floral tape

  • Wide-ribbon bow

One to two dozen flower stems can be in a pageant bouquet.

A pageant, presentation or arm sheaf bouquet is dramatically passed into the arms of a newly crowned beauty pageant winner. The flowers are carried on the arm with the tops of the flowering stems resting across the forearm. This type of bouquet is also used for bridal bouquets, particularly for a tall woman. Roses are favored for the pageant bouquet, but gladioluses, carnations, lilies, calla lilies, French tulips, hydrangeas and orchids are also used for this long slim or triangular-shaped arrangement.


Step 1

Place three pieces of long-stem greenery such as leather leaf on a flat work table. Set one piece higher than the other two.

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Step 2

Cut a long flower stem on a slant with a knife to a length of 18 to 24 inches. Lay it on top of the greenery.

Step 3

Cut the remaining long-stem flowers at various lengths shorter than the first stem. Lay them below and to the side of the first flower.

Step 4

Add two or three pieces of greenery in between the flowers.


Step 5

Wrap floral tape tightly around the stems about 6 inches above the bottom to secure them together. Cut straight across the ends of the stems with the sharp knife to align them for a neater appearance.

Step 6

Wrap the two tails of a ribbon bow around the floral tape, and tie them in a knot at the back of the bouquet to disguise the tape. Lift the pageant bouquet into your arms and view it in a mirror to see if any pieces need trimming or adjustment.


You can add pieces of filler flowers such as baby's breath or statice to the pageant bouquet as you add flowers to the sheaf.


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