How to Eat Chicken Legs

Chicken pieces, whether fried, breaded or marinated, make a delicious entree. A platter of chicken served at a gathering usually appeals to almost everyone. When you have chicken legs ready to eat on your plate, assess the situation carefully before you dig in. The way you eat chicken legs depends on the formality of the environment. A quick peek at your surroundings and at the other guests will help you decide how to proceed with eating your chicken legs politely.

Step 1

Analyze your surroundings. If you are at an outdoor picnic, eating with plastic utensils from paper plates, the environment is casual. If you are at a dinner or party with nicely-dressed guests, eating with silverware from china plates, the environment is more formal.

Step 2

Watch the hostess and other guests for cues. If the hostess and a majority of other guests eat their chicken legs with their hands, follow this lead. If other people leave the chicken legs on their plates, follow this lead.

Step 3

Wrap a paper napkin around the end of the chicken leg, if possible, to keep your hand clean when picking it up. Do not use a cloth napkin for this purpose.

Step 4

To eat the chicken leg with silverware, spear the chicken with your fork and cut bites of from the leg with your knife. Always use your utensils to eat a chicken leg when dining out.


If you have any doubts about the proper way to eat a chicken leg, always use your silverware. Leave any meat on the leg that you cannot easily remove with your knife and fork.

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