How to Put a Handle Back on a Dyson DC14

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The Dyson DC14 upright vacuum has a telescopic wand that extends out of the top of the wand handle when you need to use the vacuum's stair, crevice or brush tools. The handle also doubles as the vacuum's main handle when you're using the floor nozzle. Typically, a person removes the wand handle to attach a tool to the hose instead of the wand, or to make repairs including hose replacement. Dyson has designed the DC14 hose and wand with a simple click-style connecting mechanism.


Step 1

Hold the hose straight up in one hand and the wand in the other. Align the end of the wand with the opening on the hose.

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Step 2

Push the wand into the hose until you hear or feel it click in place.

Step 3

Press the wand handle into the top of the groove on the back of the machine until it clicks in place.

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