How to Install the Bare Floor Attachment on a Bissell Pro Heat Cleaner Model 9500

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Like upholstery and carpets, bare floors require an occasional cleaning. A Bissell ProHeat Cleaner 9500 includes a variety of tools to handle specialized tasks. The bare floor attachment features a line of bristles and a squeegee that combine to eliminate dirt and grime from linoleum, tile and vinyl floors. Effective cleaning of these floors requires correctly attaching the bare floor tool.


Step 1

Unplug the Bissell ProHeat 9500 from the wall. Gently place the machine on its backside to expose the underside.

Step 2

Orient the bare floor attachment beneath the machine so its squeegee and bristles face down, away from the underside of the vacuum.

Step 3

Fit the bare floor attachment tabs into the nozzle on the vacuum's underside. Push the back end of the bare floor attachment down toward the machine until it clicks into place.


Step 1

Set the dial on the Bissell ProHeat 9500 cleaner head to "Floor Cleaning." Plug in the vacuum.

Step 2

Squeeze the trigger on the handle to dispense cleaning fluid onto the floor. Move the Bissell evenly back and forth over the cleaning surface.

Step 3

Maneuver the vacuum for a second pass over the floor. Refrain from squeezing the cleaning fluid trigger. Allow the bare floor attachment squeegee to absorb dirty water from the floor.


After each use, remove the bare floor attachment from the vacuum and rinse it clean. Allow the attachment to air dry completely prior to storage.


Bissell warns against using the bare floor attachment on unsealed hardwood floors.