How to Hang a Plane From the Ceiling

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Things You'll Need

  • 1/16-inch drill bit

  • Drill

  • Clear craft line

  • Scissors

  • Stud finder

  • Pencil

  • Eyehook

Hang your model airplane from the ceiling to bring it to life.

Whether you are a model airplane hobbyist or want to create an aviation-themed bedroom for a child, you can hang model airplanes from your ceiling. Some models come with mounting holes, but you can still hang airplanes that don't have mounting holes. A clear craft line threaded into a basic eyehook will suspend the airplane. The eyehook threads into a ceiling rafter. Consider the position and height of the airplane so that no one bumps into it when walking through the room.


Step 1

Insert a 1/16-inch drill bit into a drill. Place the model airplane on a work surface and drill two holes spaced approximately 1/4-inch apart in the center of each wing and the fuselage.

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Step 2

Cut off three 36-inch lengths of craft line using scissors. Thread one line through each set of holes and loop them so that an even amount of line is on each side of the hole, making each line approximately 18 inches long. Raise up the paired up ends of the line and tie them off in a knot to form a tripod-like line suspension for the airplane.


Step 3

Slide a stud finder along the ceiling in the general area where you plan to locate the airplane. Mark the nearest ceiling joist with a pencil where you would like to hang the airplane.

Step 4

Thread an eyehook into the ceiling at the pencil mark until just the hook is exposed. Raise the line suspension up and hang it over the eyehook to suspend the airplane from the ceiling.


Shorten one line to make the plane appear to be rolling, ascending or descending.


Wear eye protection when operating a drill.


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