How to Hang a Pennant

A pennant is a colorful accessory you can use to fill up wall space and coordinate with a room's theme. Fabric pennants come in a variety of colors and designs, whether you want to represent your preferred baseball team or show off your child's favorite cartoon character. Hanging a pennant is easy and can be temporary, so you will be able to change its location without marring your wall.

Things You'll Need

  • Cleaning rag

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Removable adhesive putty or strips

Step 1

Use the cleaning rag and rubbing alcohol to carefully wipe down the wall space you will use to hang your pennant.

Step 2

Tear off a small piece of the adhesive putty and mold it between your fingers until it becomes pliable, if you choose to use putty to hang the pennant. Do the same with two more pieces of putty. Place the softened putty pieces in each corner of the pennant, on the side that will be against the wall.

Step 3

Remove the red liner from the adhesive, if you choose to use the adhesive strips. Then line up the strips along the back of the pennant near the corners, making sure no part of the strips can be seen from the front. Gently but firmly press the strips onto the back of the pennant. Finally, you will remove the black liner from the other side of the strips.

Step 4

Press the pennant onto the wall firmly, starting with the top corner, and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this action with the bottom corner, ensuring that the left edge of the pennant rests against the wall without any gaps. Then press the point of the pennant to the wall.


Don't use adhesive putty on newly painted or porous surfaces, since this could damage the wall's surface.

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