How to Make Avocados Ripe

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Things You'll Need

  • Brown paper bag

  • Banana or apple

Ripe avocados are high in potassium and fiber.

Avocados ripen after they are removed from the tree. They begin to ripen in the warehouse, and sometimes are sold at stores while they are hard and unripe. Ripened avocados have a butter-like and nutty taste, and they yield to gentle pressure. You can use ripe avocados to create fresh guacamole or add them to a salad. Even if you're faced with a bin of rock-hard avocados at the store, you can speed up the ripening process. When the avocados ripen they are easier to peel and more enjoyable to eat.


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Step 1

Place two or three avocados inside a brown paper bag.

Step 2

Add a banana or apple to the bag to speed up the ripening process. Both fruits release ethylene gas, which aids in ripening. Store the bag at room temperature.

Step 3

Check on the avocados daily. Gently squeeze the avocados to determine if they have a slightly soft texture. An unripe avocado will be unyielding, while an overripe avocado will have a squishy texture. Some varieties of avocados turn a deep green color, but do not rely solely on this indication.


Step 4

Remove the avocados from the brown paper bag once ripened. Use the avocados immediately, as once they are ripened, they can quickly become too ripe.


Place ripe avocados in the refrigerator crisper drawer if you cannot eat them immediately. Use the avocados within two to three days for best results.


Always wash avocados before you cut them to prevent contaminating the flesh, which can cause an illness.