How to Broil Shell Steaks

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Things You'll Need

  • Cast iron skillet

  • Steak seasoning

  • Potholder

  • Metal tongs

  • Meat thermometer

Shell steak is more commonly known as strip steak.

A shell steak, or strip steak, is a large cut of meat taken from a cow, directly behind its ribs. Because shell steak is taken from a muscle on the cow that does little work, it responds best to fast, high-heat cooking. Broiling will cook a shell steak thoroughly, producing meat that is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. All you need to broil shell steak is basic steak seasoning and some simple kitchen supplies.


Step 1

Turn a broiler onto the highest setting. If your broiler has oven racks below it, move the rack as close to the broiler as possible before turning it on.

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Step 2

Preheat a cast iron skillet over high heat on a stove top for three minutes.


Step 3

Rub both sides of the shell steak with your favorite steak seasoning. Place the seasoned steak onto the heated cast iron skillet.

Step 4

Transfer the cast iron skillet to the broiler with a potholder and cook for three minutes. Use a pair or metal tongs to flip the steak over and broil it for another three minutes.


Step 5

Remove the steak from the oven and leave it to sit on the hot skillet for five minutes.

Step 6

Test the internal temperature of the steak with a meat thermometer. If the internal temperature is not at least 135 degrees Fahrenheit, put it back under the broiler for an additional three minutes.

Serve while hot.


If you do not have a cast iron skillet available, substitute with a greased stainless steel skillet.


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