How to Wrap Up Banana Bread for Gifts

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic wrap

  • Cellophane bags

  • Ribbon

  • Brown parchment paper

  • Large bow and ribon

  • Gift tag

Few things are better than receiving a homemade baked item from a friend or family member who makes it best. If you're the banana bread master of the family, everyone will appreciate your delicious banana bread as a holiday gift. You may know how to whip up several loaves of banana bread, but presenting them to someone as a gift is a different story. Rather than just wrapping the bread in foil or plastic wrap, use decorative material to place the banana bread in for a festive presentation.


Step 1

Wrap each loaf of bread tightly with plastic wrap. The open ends of the plastic wrap should meet underneath the loaf so that the top has a smooth, clean look to it.

Step 2

Place the banana bread into large colorful cellophane bags.

Step 3

Tie a decorative ribbon around the cellophane to close securely. Attach a gift tag as well.

Parchment Paper

Step 1

Wrap the banana bread in plastic wrap as explained in the previous section.

Step 2

Wrap brown parchment paper around the bread, taping it at the bottom.

Step 3

Tie a ribbon with a large decorative bow around the parchment paper.


You can decorate the parchment paper or write the recipient's name on the paper in decorative lettering using a black permanent marker.

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