DIY Acrylic Sheet

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Things You'll Need

  • Acrylic resin kit

  • Bucket

  • Acrylic sheet mold

  • Oil spray

  • Gloves

  • Mask

The glass boards used in hockey rinks are made from acrylic sheets.

Acrylic resin comes in liquid form hardware stores and general stores. When the acrylic dries, it turns into hard plastic. The acrylic can be poured into any shape mold and has many different uses. Acrylic sheets can be made at home with only four pieces of equipment. Once it dries, the acrylic sheet will be tougher than glass and completely transparent.


Step 1

Put on the protective mask to prevent toxic fumes from being inhaled, and put the gloves on to protect your skin.

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Step 2

Place the acrylic mixture, two compounds, into a bucket or large bowl and mix the two compounds together. When the two are mixed thoroughly, the acrylic will be a solid color.

Step 3

Spray your acrylic sheet molds with a nonstick cooking spray. This will allow the acrylic sheet to slide right out of the mold when it is cool.

Step 4

Scoop or pour the acrylic into the sheet molds, making sure not to spill any outside of the molds. Liquid acrylic is difficult to clean.


Step 5

Let the acrylic dry for at least 10 hours. Overnight drying is recommended, as it will give you the strongest finished product.

Step 6

Flip the mold upside down and the acrylic sheet will fall out. If it does not, give the underside of the mold a strong tap until it comes out.


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