How to Ask for Donations for an Easter Egg Hunt

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Donations of money or materials help cover the costs of an Easter egg hunt.

An Easter egg hunt gives kids a chance to celebrate the holiday. It is a common event within communities or at attractions like zoos or family entertainment centers. The cost of the candy, eggs and prizes can add up quickly, especially if the hunt is a large-scale event. Donations from the community help to offset costs. Solicit donations through several channels to maximize the contributions.


Step 1

Calculate the number of eggs and amount of candy needed for the hunt based on estimates of how many children will attend. If the event happens every year, document the amount of the materials used in previous years and the number of people who attended to help estimate for future events.

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Step 2

Create a list of local businesses that could contribute prizes for the event. Consider businesses with child-friendly activities or products like toy stores, ice cream shops, arcades, bowling alleys and sports arenas. Actual items and gift certificates for the store work well as prizes. Create a separate list of businesses that might donate money to cover the cost of candy and plastic Easter eggs.


Step 3

Several months before the event, write letters to ask for donations for the Easter egg hunt. Create separate letters for prize donations and for money donations, and tell the business about your organization. Mail the letters directly to the businesses you identified as potential donors.

Step 4

Call or visit each business a few weeks after mailing the letters as a follow-up. Verify that the business received the letter and inquire about the possibility of a donation.


Step 5

Offer businesses advertisement opportunities on the flyers for the Easter egg hunt. If your organization has a newsletter or magazine, print the advertisement in that publication as well. The free advertising may entice businesses into donating for the Easter egg hunt.

Step 6

Advertise your need for donations in community or business newsletters and newspapers to reach businesses and individuals you did not directly contact.


Step 7

Ask individual acquaintances if they are willing to donate to the Easter egg hunt. Some may offer money while others may prefer to donate bags of candy or eggs.

Step 8

Host a raffle or silent auction to raise money for the event. A bake sale at a local store or mall is another way to raise some money for the materials.


Begin planning and asking for donations at least two months before the event. This gives you time to collect the donations and purchase the materials. Send letters to thank all donors right after the Easter egg hunt. Include a photo of the event and a copy of any flyer or newsletter in which you have mentioned the business.

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