How Did Flies Get Inside My House?

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Flies inside your house can be a real annoyance and a nuisance when trying to clean or prepare food. However, flies are not just annoying. They are unsanitary little creatures that you certainly do not want to have near your food or family. If you have found that flies are buzzing around your head all the time, take the time to figure out how they're getting into your house so you can correct the problem.


Step 1

Check the screens in your windows for holes that the flies can be getting in through.

Step 2

Look around your window and door frames for tiny cracks or crevices that flies can get through. They can fit through extremely small spaces.

Step 3

Wash all produce as soon as it comes into your home. Certain types of flies lay tiny eggs that cannot be seen on produce. When the eggs hatch, the flies will seem to have appeared out of nowhere. Dispose of decaying fruits or vegetables.


Step 4

Eliminate areas of standing water, such as around sinks and bathtubs. Some fly species lay eggs in standing water. Again, when the flies hatch, they will seem to have just appeared in the house.

Step 5

Talk to your family about not leaving windows without screens or doors open. This can let the flies in easily.

Step 6

Get in the habit taking the trash out right away and deposing of it away from your house so as to not lure the flies toward you.