How to Use the Space Between a Refrigerator and a Cabinet

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Magnetic hooks

Use every nook of your kitchen for storage, even the small, dark space next to the frige and counter.

The small space between a fridge and the neighboring cabinet may only be a few inches wide, but is often a few feet deep. While the space may not be large enough for any type of shelving, don't overlook the space for storage. The space may be small, but it is usable.


Step 1

Measure the space between the fridge and cabinets. Measure the depth, that is the distance from the back wall to the front of the fridge. Measure the width of the space from the end of the cabinet to the side of the fridge. Use this measurement to determine what items might fit there.

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Step 2

Slide slim baking pans, cookie baking trays, and even small cutting boards between the space. You may be able to slide in thicker items first, then slide in other items on top.


Step 3

Hang magnetic hooks on the upper portion of the side of the fridge. Use the hooks to hold aprons, or cooking utensils such as basting brushes and tongs.

Step 4

Use the space to tuck away mops and brooms. Hang a dustpan on a magnetic hook attached to the refrigerator.


Periodically remove all items stored in the space and clean the area.


Do not place papers, file folders, or bags between the fridge and cabinet. Water condensation might cause mold, or an electrical spark on the back of the fridge could cause a fire. Do not store flammable chemicals in the space.


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