How to Get Roaches Out of a Cable Box

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic wash basin

  • Roach traps

  • Plastic food wrap

Roaches can be trapped when leaving their homes at night in search of food.

Roaches seek warm moist environments to take up residence. Since cable boxes generate heat and security for roaches, they may become roach motels, as with any other electronic appliance. Removal of roaches from a cable box can be done easily, without any need to disassemble the appliance, which could void the warranty in some cases.


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Step 1

Disconnect the cable box from the entertainment center or console and remove completely.

Step 2

Place the cable box in the center of a plastic wash basin to isolate the appliance from the outside world.


Step 3

Set 3 to 4 roach traps in the bottom of the plastic wash basin. For optimal entrapment of the roaches, place one trap at each of the edges of the cable box. Roach traps are designed with scents that attract roaches into them, where they become trapped and unable to escape.

Step 4

Wrap several layers of plastic food wrap completely around the plastic wash basin to fully enclose the cable box and the traps within it. Since roaches can climb through tight cracks easily, covering only the top of the basin may be ineffective.


Step 5

Set the basin containing the cable box in a dark location for about one full week. While in the dark location, the roaches will come out of the cable box in search of food. Since there is no way out, the traps will be their only hope for food. As the roaches are killed one-by-one, other roaches will get hungry and will be forced to leave the cable box in search of food, after others failed to return.


Sprinkle a thin layer of Borax powder and sugar into the bottom of the plastic wash basin, along with the traps. Any roaches that didn't get trapped, will still get the Borax and sugar caught in their legs and antennas. When they attempt to clean the Borax powder off, they will become poisoned and will die shortly thereafter.



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