How to Write a Class Reunion Letter

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Class reunions help old friends get back in touch.

Class reunions bring high school and college classes together years after graduation to catch up with each other and reminisce over old times. After the early planning stages have been completed, the reunion committee must contact the members of the class to let them know about the reunion and give them the necessary information. The letter is a good way to give a more personal touch to the invitation and offers more space to give more details and information to classmates.


Step 1

Address the letter to either "fellow classmates" or "the class of (year) at (school)." This saves you the time of having to personalize each individual letter. A generic greeting line will allow you to print a mass amount instead of changing the information and printing them up one at a time.


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Step 2

Begin the letter with an anecdotal story about your class or a humorous sentence to draw the reader in. This can encourage someone who isn't really interested in attending to consider it.

Step 3

Include all of the information about the events that will take place. Indicate the date, time and location, as well as the cost to attend and who is welcome to come. If there will be special events, include those.


Step 4

Ask classmates to help reach out to alumni you were unable to locate. This helps to spread the word about the event and can increase your attendance.

Step 5

Invite classmates to visit the reunion website, if there is one. The website can offer the opportunity to RSVP online, give missing contact information and view details of the reunion.


Step 6

Give contact information so classmates can tell you whether or not they will be attending or contact you with any questions they may have. Include a date to respond by.

Step 7

Close the letter by saying you hope to see everyone at the reunion. If you are a married female, include your maiden name so your classmates know who you are.

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