How to Use the Hercules Hook

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Hercules hooks are a type of hardware used to hang items such as mirrors, clocks, photos, artwork, shelves and other items up to 150 pounds in weight. Made of reinforced steel wire, Hercules hooks differ from traditional screw and nail style hooks in that you don't need to use a drill or hammer to install them. Instead, you simply twist or push the hooks into certain types of walls such as thin drywall, paneling and plaster.


Things You'll Need

  • Metal/Stud Detector

  • Pencil

  • Ruler Or Measuring Tape

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Step 1

Select an area on a wall where you want to hang an item that doesn't have metal or a stud behind it and then decide where you want the bottom edge of the hook to rest.

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Step 2

Measure approximately 1/4 inch up from that point and mark the spot with a pencil.

Step 3

Grasp the straight part of a Hercules Hook near the pointed tip. Align the tip with the mark on the wall with the hook pointing down.

Step 4

Twist the tip and straight section into the drywall and then turn the Hercules Hook around so the hook at the end points up.

Step 5

Push the curved section into the wall until the hooked end rests flush against the wall and then hang your item on the hook.


To hang large items, use multiple Hercules hooks. Although the manufacturer claims that the Hercules Hook can hold up to 150 pounds, you should always use multiple hooks to hang heavy items to provide additional stability.



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