How to Take Care of Gold-Plated Flatware

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Things You'll Need

  • Mild dish detergent

  • Hot water

  • Soft towel

  • Polish

Gold-plated flatware is an elegant addition to your table setting.

Gold-plated flatware requires special care when cleaning to maintain its beauty and integrity. These pieces are usually comprised of a base metal that has gold electroplated over it. For intricate pieces, the base metal is usually nickel silver alloy, while more simple designs can use stainless steel. Some pieces may be entirely gold plated while others may only have small areas plated as accents.


Step 1

Clean your flatware before using for the first time. Using hot soapy water, clean each piece by hand and rinse in hot water. It is best to use a mild dish detergent such as Ivory or Dawn to protect the surface of the flatware.

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Step 2

Dry each piece with a soft towel until it is completely dry. Water spots are easily viewed on metal pieces that have been air dried.


Step 3

Store all flatware in a dry, clean place, preferably a flatware chest or any other tarnish-resistant place.

Step 4

Use polish that is specifically designed for gold-plated flatware once or twice a year to keep your pieces in their best condition. With use, the pieces will acquire some small scratches, but this is normal and will enhance the beauty of the flatware with time.


Rotate your flatware so that every piece can be used at one time or another. This will ensure that all the pieces are used equally and prevent excessive wear and tear on only some of the the flatware.


Never put your gold plated flatware in the dishwasher, regardless of manufacturer directions as it will damage the plating. Do not use rubber bands while storing. Do not leave flatware unwashed overnight as the food particles can cause damage.


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