How to Preserve Large Leaves to Use As Wall Art

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Things You'll Need

  • Large pan

  • Hot sand

  • Newspaper

  • Flat headed paintbrush

  • Aluminum, bronze or clear plastic paint

Large leaves are vibrant and make excellent wall decorations.

Preserved large leafs can be hung as desired over a wall to produce a natural and sophisticated decor piece. If you are looking for a new way to decorate a room or simply wish to create some wall art, preserve large leaves to put them on display. No matter which type of leaf you are trying to preserve, seal its current state by drying it out with sand and applying a coat of certain paints over the entire leaf.


Step 1

Place the leaf in a large pan.

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Step 2

Pour hot sand over the leaf until it is completely covered. Make sand hot either by letting it sit out in the sun for several hours or baking it in a large pot.

Step 3

Allow the sand to cool completely. Once it is cool, carefully remove the leaf and brush off all excess grains of sand.

Step 4

Set the large leaf on a sheet of newspaper to protect your workspace. Dip a flat-headed paintbrush into some aluminum, bronze or clear plastic paint. These paints will create a solid, air-tight barrier around the leaf, which is what will allow the preservation. Clear plastic paint will keep the look of the leaf natural, while aluminum or bronze paint can offer a metallic, artsy look.


Step 5

Glide the paintbrush over the entire side of the leaf that is facing upward in a thin, even coat.

Step 6

Allow the leaf to dry completely before flipping it over and repeating on the other side. Once the leaf is completely dried, it is ready to be displayed or incorporated into wall art.


Once preserved, the leaves should keep their shape but can become very delicate as a result. Handle the finished leaves with extreme care.


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