How to Clean Burnham Boilers

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Things You'll Need

  • Fire tube brush

  • Brush

  • Adjustable wrench

Heating a home in the winter is important in cold northern climates. Burnham boilers heat your home's radiators by heating water or steam that then heats your home. With use, the boilers build up soot and ash in the combustion chamber and fire tubes, causing them to heat less efficiently. Cleaning the boilers annually will keep them in working condition all winter long.


Step 1

Turn off the boiler and let it cool. Open the service door to the boiler. Disconnect the electrical power from the boiler.

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Step 2

Brush out all of the soot and ash from the combustion chamber into the ash pan and dispose of it outside. Bury to ash to keep it from catching fire.

Step 3

Remove the stack, the jacket top panel and the wing nuts and bolts that hold the canopy down. Remove the canopy and the tubulators.

Step 4

Clean the fire tubes with the fire brush. Brush them out well but do not extend them past the bottom of the tube sheet.


Step 5

Put the tubulators and canopy back on. Tighten the bolts and wing nuts. Place the jacket top panel and the stack back on the boiler. Restore the electrical power and turn the boiler on.


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