Ironite Directions

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Things You'll Need

  • Wooden spoon

  • Water

  • Garden hose

  • Sprinkler

  • Spray bottle

A lack of iron in the soil can cause grass to lose its green color and turn brown. However, you can use Ironite, manufactured by Gro Tec, Inc., to add iron to the soil and restore the natural green color. You can also increase the flow of iron to vegetable gardens, flower gardens, shrubs and trees by applying Ironite to the soil surrounding the area. Ironite is available online and at your local home and garden store.


Step 1

Shake the Ironite bottle vigorously for two minutes. If you have the package without a bottle, stir the contents of the package with a wooden spoon. Sit the bottle or bag on a flat surface.

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Step 2

Moisten the soil area you want to treat with water from a garden hose, a sprinkler or a spray bottle filled with water.

Step 3

Open the bottle and scatter the contents on the moistened area you want to treat.

Step 4

Spread the Ironite on moist soil again after two weeks to further treat the soil.


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