How to Keep Satin Sheets From Slipping

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Things You'll Need

  • Two long sheet straps with clips

  • Two short sheet straps with clips

Satin sheets tend to slip off the bed.

Satin sheets earn high praise for their luxurious smooth texture and shiny appearance. The sheets stay cool during the summer months, providing comfort even in homes without air conditioners. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to slide off the mattress and some people have been known to slip and fall out of bed during a night sleeping on satin sheets. Special straps, available at department and dollar stores, can help secure the sheets.


Step 1

Take two long sheet straps. Each should be able to stretch from one corner of the mattress diagonally to the opposite corner.

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Step 2

Fit the bottom sheet around the mattress and flip the mattress over.


Step 3

Attach a clip to the fabric on one corner of the mattress. Gather as much fabric in the clip as possible. Stretch the strap diagonally to the opposite corner and clip the fabric on that corner. Repeat this process for the other pair of corners.

Step 4

Fit the top sheet around the mattress and turn the mattress upside down.


Step 5

Take a short sheet strap. Clip one end of the strap to the fabric on one side of a bottom corner. Stretch the strap across to the other side of the same corner and clip it in place. Repeat this process for the other bottom corner.


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