How to Make Resin Panels

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Things You'll Need

  • Silicone panel mold

  • Nonstick spray

  • Epoxy resin mixture

  • Protective mask

  • Large bowl or bucket

  • Spatula or paint scraper

Epoxy resin comes in liquid form that contains two parts. The first compound is epoxy, often used as a gluing agent. The second is a hardener. When combined, the result is a rigid plastic-like surface. Depending upon how large of a resin panel is created, it can be used to fill in walls, roofing and even be used as art. After the resin dries, you will have a clear plastic compound that is strong enough to be used in many different ways.


Step 1

Prepare your molds by cleaning them out thoroughly with soap and water. Dry them using a paper towel.

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Step 2

Spray the molds with any type of nonstick spray. This can be an oil spray, or even a cooking spray. Resin sticks to nearly everything. This will help prevent the resin from sticking to the molds.


Step 3

Place your protecting mask on to prevent fumes from being inhaled. Pour the resin mixture into a large bowl or bucket. Mix the compounds together until they create a uniform color.

Step 4

Pour the resin mixture into the molds and shake them around to even the layer of resin out. You also may be able to use a nonstick spatula or paint scraper to even it out. Continue this until all of the bubbles are removed from the resin.


Step 5

Allow the resin to dry overnight to ensure a strong finish. Drying times depend on how thick the resin panels are.

Step 6

Fold one of the corners of the mold down to reveal the hardened resin. This will give you enough surface area to grab the resin. Pull the entire panel out of the mold.


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