How to Troubleshoot a Cadet Thermostat

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Things You'll Need

  • Brush

  • Compressed air can

Cadet thermostats are generally compatible with electric heating systems such as a baseboard heater, a radiant floor, a radiant ceiling, a convector or a fan-forced heater. These digital thermostats allow you to regulate heat so that indoor temperatures are favorable; however, some common problems are likely to arise and require troubleshooting. Inspecting and repairing your thermostat's problems can maximize your heating unit's efficiency.


Step 1

Remove the sticker on your Cadet thermostat's screen if it's displaying the wrong temperature.

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Step 2

Check your thermostat's installation location if it's still displaying the wrong temperature. If it's installed near or above a heat source such as a light dimmer, it will display the wrong temperature.


Step 3

Turn off the power on your heating system and then loosen the screw holding the faceplate to the base if you're unable to regulate your thermostat's temperature. Pull the bottom half of the faceplate from the base to remove it and expose the interior of your thermostat.

Step 4

Check the wiring on the interior. If the interior is dirty, brush dirt and debris away. Alternatively, blow a can of compressed air to remove dirt and debris. Inspect the wires and terminals. If some of the wires are off, reconnect them. Connect all of the thermostat wires to the heater wire if they're not already.


Step 5

Reinstall the faceplate if the connections are tight and secure.

Step 6

Remove furniture or curtains from your heater if the display on your Cadet thermostat disappears and reappears after a few minutes. This usually happens when the thermal protection device on the heat has temporarily opened or is too sensitive.


Contact a qualified appliance technician if you can't get your Cadet thermostat working.



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