How to Troubleshoot a Door That Doesn't Close on a Genie Model 940A

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Genie garage door openers are designed to add an extra layer of security to your home.

Genie garage door openers are supposed to provide a convenient way of opening your garage as you arrive home in your car or on foot. There could, however, be significant consequences to your home's security if the mechanism won't close when you leave the house. Your personal belongings will be at risk until you find a way of fixing the problem. Store your tools and any other valuables in a safe place while you work toward resolving the problem. Troubleshooting your Genie opener focuses on the infra-red sensor, motor, and installation.


Step 1

Remove anything blocking the "Safe-T-Beam" at the base of the garage door. Tools, children's toys, and other objects are sometimes left in the path of the infra-red beam, which detects whether anything is obstructing the path of the door before it starts closing. Use the door again.


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Step 2

Confirm the "Safe-T-Beam" is correctly aligned. Wipe down the receiver with a damp cloth and check that the transmitter is pointing in the right direction. During installation the infra-red transmitter should have been lined up with the receiver. You will find the garage door won't close if the beam has been knocked out of position of if the receiver is particularly dirty.


Step 3

Unscrew the "Close" limit bolt with a flat-head screwdriver and slide to the correct position. The garage door will move only a set distance before stopping. Access the section of track the carriage slide uses to open and close the door. The carriage slide is the part of the mechanism that moves along the track as the door is raised and lowered. Position the "Close" bolt next to the carriage slide when the garage door is on the ground and tighten the bolt. The slide detects the "Close" bolt and stops. The door won't close all the way if the bolt is too high on the track.


Step 4

Turn the "Close" force dial in small increments until the garage door reaches the ground when you hit the "Close" button on the remote. Genie openers apply only limited force to the garage door during closing. The door won't reach the ground if the maximum level of force is exceeding during closing.


Pull down the emergency release lever beneath the carriage assembly. The door will disconnect from the Genie opener so you can pull it closed manually. Lift the lever to reconnect the door to the opener.


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