How to Clean a Pot With Really Burnt Spaghetti Sauce in the Bottom

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Rescue your burnt on pan with a dryer sheet.

Forgetting to turn the heat down to simmer on your spaghetti sauce, or forgetting to turn off the burner during dinner can leave a mess of spaghetti sauce burned in the bottom of the pan. Though scorched food and cookware looks like a tough -- maybe impossible -- job, don't throw the pan away. If the burnt sauce doesn't budge when you scrub it; there's a trick you can try that can clean the pot with a little time and almost no elbow grease.


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Step 1

Fill the pot with water to cover the burnt-on spaghetti sauce.

Step 2

Heat the water to almost boiling on the stove top, then turn off the burner.

Step 3

Place a used dryer sheet into the pot of hot water. Push it down using a wooden spoon or other utensil until it's submerged.


Step 4

Allow the pot to sit for at least two hours or overnight.

Step 5

Remove the dryer sheet and discard it. Dump the water into the sink and wash the pot normally with dish soap. The burnt sauce should come off easily.


Save a few used dryer sheets in your kitchen for cleaning burnt pans. You can use an unused dryer sheet if you don't have any used ones.



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