DIY Envelopes

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Glue

Make your own envelopes.

Handmade envelopes are an innovative way to add a touch of personality to a letter, gift tag or greeting card. DIY envelopes have the advantage of being totally customizable, so you can make them any size you want, and embellish them in all sorts of ways. Leftover wallpaper, wrapping paper, magazine photos or colored paper can all be used to make interesting handmade envelopes, and adding stickers, glitter or even hand-drawn images gives another dimension to the DIY envelope.


Step 1

Trace a rectangle, 5-by-7 inches, in the center of the paper for a standard greeting card-sized envelope.

Step 2

Trace a triangle on each 5-inch side of the rectangle. Make the tip of the triangle around 3 inches from the sides of the rectangle.

Step 3

Draw a triangle on each 7-inch side of the rectangle, making the tips around 3 inches away from the side of the rectangle.

Step 4

Cut around the outline of the triangles. Fold each triangle tab over, using the rectangle as the fold line.


Step 5

Fold each triangle tab over, using the rectangle as the fold line.

Step 6

Cut the top off one of the 7-inch base triangles, around 1 inch from the top. This will be the bottom flap of the envelope.

Step 7

Fold the two side triangles over, leaving the top and bottom flaps free.

Step 8

Place a line of glue along the edge of the triangle that corresponds to the cut, bottom flap. Fold the bottom flap over the two side triangle flaps, gluing it down. Let dry. The envelope is now complete.


There are many different ways to make an envelope, so experiment with shapes and sizes to get a different look every time.