How to Wire a Neon Sign

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A neon sign can help attract customers to your business.

Wiring a neon sign properly will let you use and enjoy your neon sign in no time. The installation and wiring process for a neon sign is standard and will work regardless of brand or type neon sign. The important part is selecting the correct transformer, the size and capacity of which is based on the voltage requirements of the neon sign. If you don't use the right transformer, your neon sign could fail to operate properly.


Step 1

Select a transformer for your neon sign. Read the label behind the neon light. This will tell you the voltage requirements needed for the transformer. You can buy a transformer in any local neon sign store.

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Step 2

Remove the rubber cap on the end of the neon tubes, in the front of the neon sign. This will reveal the wires that provide the power to the neon tubes. Make sure the power is off, and do not connect the transformer to the outlet.


Step 3

Twist together the wires from the transformer and the wires from the neon light tubes. Use your fingers to twist the wires at least five times. Bend the wires in half to prevent the wires from falling apart.

Step 4

Slide the rubber cap back on to cover the wiring.

Step 5

Plug the transformer into an outlet to test the neon sign. If the sign does not turn on, check to see if one of the wires came loose.



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