How to Troubleshoot Baja Spa Hot Tubs

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Baja Spas manufactures a wide variety of hot tubs for residential use. They focus on providing relaxation and comfort through the use of hydrotherapy in their tub designs. While the hot tubs often will operate without too many problems, there may come a time when you will need to troubleshoot an error or problem with the hot tub. Baja Spas provides a few simple checks that a spa owner can work through to correct the issue. In some cases, you may need to contact a licensed repair person to help you correct problems.


Step 1

Look for error codes displayed on the control panel. Codes may indicate problems with pressure switches, temperature controls or heating. Baja Spas recommends contacting a spa dealer to correct these problems.

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Step 2

Check the spa to ensure that it is drawing power from the breaker box. Turn off power at the breaker, wait a few moments and then turn the power back on to reset the spa.


Step 3

Fill the spa if needed to ensure that the tub contains the proper water level. Water should be at least in the middle of the spa skimmer. Clean the filter inside the skimmer to ensure that no dirt is blocking water from flowing through the spa.

Step 4

Clean all water intakes inside the spa tub. Make sure the ozonator is working and the plug is not loose.


Step 5

Increase the filtration time of the spa. Set the control panel to the normal heating mode to ensure that the water will maintain an acceptable temperature.

Step 6

Open all water valves fully to ensure that water is reaching the pump and heater. Cycle through each jet setting on the control panel to test the various operations on the spa.


Step 7

Contact a local dealer to correct problems with major leaks, heating or pump problems in the hot tub. Arrange for an electrician to come out and correct issues relating to power problems.

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