DIY: How to Troubleshoot a Solana Hot Tub Control Panel

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Solana hot tubs are a line of home jacuzzis manufactured by Hot Springs Spas. These hot tubs feature a sleek design and acrylic frame. They also come with a control panel which allows the user to control the functions of the spa. Like other spas, a Solana is connected to an outdoor fuse box, which provides the power. If you are having problems with the spa you may need to troubleshoot the control panel as well as the fuse box.


Step 1

Check the control panel for error messages. If dashes or red lights are being displayed on the panel screen then the panel needs to be reset. Turn off the power, wait a couple minutes and turn the power back on. If there are now error messages, proceed to the next step.

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Step 2

Press the "Power" button on the hot tub control panel. If nothing happens, check the power line running to your hot tub. Ensure that it is properly connected and isn't at all frayed. If there are problems with the cable it may need to be replaced.


Step 3

Check the outside breaker box that controls the circuit the hot tub is connected to. Open the box panel and flip the breaker box to the "Off" position. Flip it back to the "On" position. This will reset a tripped circuit. Check the control panel to see if it is working. If it isn't, proceed to the next step.


Step 4

Press different buttons on the control panel. If some work and other don't, it could be the result of faulty buttons. In this case it may be required to replace the entire control panel.

Step 5

Look into the control panel for signs of water. Moisture could have caused a short in the circuit board, meaning the panel circuit board needs to be replaced.



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