How to Stop a Hot Tub From Overheating

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Is your relaxation spot too hot?

Hot tubs and spas are a great place to relax, but what do you do if your hot tub is too hot? There are several problems that may cause your hot tub to overheat, but by keeping these things in check, your hot tub should have a long life and provide you with hours of relaxation.


Step 1

Turn off all power to the hot tub as soon as you realize it is overheating. The spa should have an automatic shut off when the water temperature reaches about 112 degrees fahrenheit.

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Step 2

Call your hot tub dealer or manufacturer for service options. There are a variety of conditions that could lead to the overheating of your hot tub, but may differ in various hot tub models and brands.


Step 3

Check the water level of the hot tub. Low water levels could be the culprit for the over heating, so you may just need to add more water to the hot tub.

Step 4

Check the shut-off valves in the hot tub. If they are closed while the hot tub heater is on, it could cause the water to reach unsafe temperatures.


Step 5

Clean the hot tub filter. A dirty filter could be blocking the flow of water, causing the water to sit in the hot tub and overheat.

Step 6

Turn the power back on after finding the problem and talking to the hot tub dealer. The hot tub will probably not start back up until the water reaches a safe temperature.


Keep the hot tub filters clean to avoid overheating. Make sure the water level in the hot tub is adequate to keep the hot tub from overheating.


Don't enter a hot tub that is overheating. Keep the phone number of the hot tub dealer or manufacturer in a handy spot in case you need to call in an emergency.

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