How to Take Off the Front Panel of a Jetted Tub

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Jetted bath tubs require different maintenance routines than normal bath tubs. Not only is it important to regularly clean the surfaces of the tub, but also to periodically clean the jets by running dish washing detergent and water through the jets. In addition, you may need to check or repair the internal mechanism of the tub when a problem arises. For this task, you will need to know the proper procedure for removing the front panel from the tub.


Step 1

Turn off the jets and drain the tub of all water. Repairing the tub while it contains water could cause leaks or risk of electric shock.

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Step 2

Turn off the main breaker of your electrical box to ensure that no power is going to the tub before performing any repair.


Step 3

Place a large suction cup firmly against the front access panel, put your finger inside the attached ring and pull toward you to remove the panel. If your tub did not come with a suction cup, any large suction cup with an attached ring will do.

Step 4

Align the panel with the opening and apply pressure to replace it when finished with your repair.

Step 5

Turn on the main breaker of your electrical box only once the panel is back in place.


Make sure the area around the tub is dry before performing any electrical repairs.



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