Marlo Water Softener Instructions

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Hard water, which is water with high concentrations of hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium, affects the cleanliness of your laundry, dishes and body in a negative way. The hard minerals in the water bond with soil particles and form insoluble salts, which makes cleaning with hard water a chore, as the insoluble salts are very difficult to remove. Heated hard water leaves behind limescale deposits, which can reduce the efficiency of water boilers, hot water heaters and pipe works. Products like Marlo Inc.'s water softener systems soften hard water by removing the calcium and magnesium.


Step 1

Fill the brine tank with water until the water level reaches 2 inches above the salt platform.

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Step 2

Close the inlet and outlet valves. Turn on the system, one tank at a time.

Step 3

Open the manual bypass valve, leaving the manual inlet and outlet valves closed.


Step 4

Plug in the valve. Program the NT controller according to the instructions found in the system's operation manual. Each system uses different software and has various operation procedures.

Step 5

Depress the "Extra Cycle" push button on the NT controller. The "In Service" light will flash. Open the manual inlet supply valve on the unit in backwash. Open the valve slowly but do not open it all the way. Allow the unit to fill until all air is expelled and only water flows. Open the inlet valve on the same unit and let the water flow until it appears clean when caught in a container.


Step 6

Depress the "Extra Cycle" push button to move the valve to the "Brine/Rinse" position. Check the level in the brine tank as it drains. It should drain at a rate of about 2 inches per minute. Allow the unit to drain until the air check valve closes.

Step 7

Depress the "Extra Cycle" push button to move the valve to the "Fast Flush" position. Allow the water to flow until it is clear.


Step 8

Depress the "Extra Cycle" push button to move the valve to the "Brine Tank Refill" position. Allow the tank to fill until the water level is about 2 inches above the salt platform, just as in the beginning of the startup process.

Step 9

Depress the "Extra Cycle" push button to move the valve to the "Service/Standby" position.


Step 10

Fill the brine tank to the proper level with the proper type of salt. Consult the system's operations manual for salt specifications.

Step 11

Close the manual bypass valve. Open the outlet valves all the way to put the system in service.

Step 12

Consult the system's operations manual for further instructions on setting water hardness and making salt adjustments.


These are instructions for the MGT 240M-1200M water softener system, which is one of Marlo Inc.’s five series of water softener systems. See the “Marlo Inc: Library – Product Manual Downloads” link in the Resources section of this article to download the product manuals for all Marlo water softener systems.


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