How to Cushion Metal Beds to Protect From Bumps

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Things You'll Need

  • Pipe insulating sleeves

  • Pillow

  • String or twine (optional)

  • Bed pads

  • Sweatpants

A little padding can go a long way.

You've likely woken up to some bumps and bruises on multiple occasions if you're a restless sleeper. Moving around in your sleep can be a source of pain if you bang your head or elbow on the wall or bed frame, and you may not even be aware of the injury until you wake up in the morning. Metal beds are even more likely to cause injury in such instances. Padding the frame can go a long way in protecting yourself while asleep.


Step 1

Fit pipe insulating sleeves around the metal frame components. Pipe insulators are designed to keep pipes from freezing, and they contain a lot of soft insulation to make that possible. They can help protect you from impact damage in your sleep and will fit right over any rounded sections of your bed frame.


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Step 2

Use extra pillows at the head and foot of the bed to help provide added padding. If you notice you are kicking them off the bed in your sleep, tie them to the metal frame using string or twine.

Step 3

Add bed pads wherever needed. If your frame comes up the side, the bed pad can fit between the mattress and the side rail to prevent morning bruises. They also work to protect against the wall if you have a bed in a corner and are frequently used by hospitals to protect patients from similar injuries.


Wear heavy sweats or other padded clothing to bed if the room temperature permits it to further pad against impact pain.


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