How to Make Rat Costumes

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You can make a rat costume.

We've seen goats in pajamas and dogs and cats in costumes, so why not rats? Can you make costumes for pet rats? As it turns out, some rats really do enjoy wearing clothes, or at least they don't mind a baby rat costume or even a mouse costume as much as you might think. With Halloween and the holidays around the corner, the temptation to get all of your pets in on the festivities might be high. From dressing up your rat to dressing yourself as a rat to match, the Halloween costume ideas and possibilities are endless.


DIY rat head Halloween costumes

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One of the most straightforward places to attach a costume to your rat or to yourself is the head. You can give a rat a little hat or even a superhero cape. That way, you don't have to worry about wrangling its little legs at all.

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To make a rat hat, measure the diameter of your rat's head. You might want to do this at a time when it likes being handled, such as after it has eaten or when it is sleepy. You'll also want to measure the length under its chin from one side of the head to the other. A Velcro strap is the easiest way to get the rat to wear a hat. Also, take note of the location of its ears. You'll want to leave those free since rats typically don't like to have their ears covered.


Next, sew the hat according to what type you want it to be. You could make a witch hat, a Santa hat, a pumpkin-topper hat or even a turkey hat. As you sew, you may want to find a stuffed animal that's about the same size as your rat for a model.

Other costumes for rats

Other than hats, there are many different ways to get your pet rat in on the festivities. Another simple method is a cape. You'll use the same measurements as under its chin to determine the length of the strap. Take measurements from its upper back to its lower back just above the tail to determine the length. Measure its body to find the appropriate width. Add Velcro for easy attachment.


You can make full shirts or dresses for rats, but these require more precise measurements. What's more, it might take some wrangling to get the rat into the costume. You may want to buy a pattern and follow that instead, or sites like Etsy have lots of adorable, homemade rat costumes that you can buy. Save yourself the hassle and support individual artisans.


How to make a rat costume for a human

If your rat is all set with its costume, it's time for your costume! You can easily make a rat costume for yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Gray construction paper

  • Pink construction paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Gray headband

  • Gray duct tape

  • Gray tights

  • Newspaper

  • Elastic belt or safety pins

  • Gray sweatshirt, sweatpants and shoes

  • Gray face makeup

  • Black eyeliner pencil

Cut out ears

First, cut out ears from construction paper. You'll want two gray circles and two pink ovals.



Attach the ears to a headband

Next, attach the ears to a gray headband using gray duct tape for the headpiece.

Make a rat tail

Take a pair of gray tights or stockings and stuff one leg inside the other. Continue filling it with either stuffing or newspaper until it resembles a rat's tail.


Attach the rat tail

Attach the rat tail to the back seam of a pair of gray sweatpants using safety pins or attach it to an elastic belt worn around the waist.

Wear a gray outfit

Add a gray sweatshirt to match the gray sweatpants. You can even wear gray shoes for a complete look.


Add makeup and accessories

Paint your face gray and don't forget to add black whiskers out from your nose on your cheeks. You can add a little red nose too.

If you'll be trick-or-treating or attending a party with your rat, carry the rat in your hand so others can see where you drew your inspiration (assuming your rat is well behaved). Better yet, try to dress the rat like you, and you can go as each other!