How to Glue River Rocks on a Wall & Floor

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Things You'll Need

  • Dish soap

  • Water

  • Rag

  • Urethane glue

River rocks lend a rustic appeal to a room.

The flat, smooth texture of river rocks makes them a desirable material for a variety of uses from landscaping to interior decorating. You may choose to visit a local stream or beach to gather these rocks, which range in diameter of up to 8 inches, or purchase them from a gardening center. Glue the rocks to your wall and floor to add texture and visual interest to the area.


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Step 1

Wash your river rocks with water and lay them flat to dry. Remove any dust that may have accumulated on them in the packaging.

Step 2

Plan the location of your river rocks on the wall and floor. Use a pencil to sketch out the border along the area.


Step 3

Clean your wall and floor area where you'll be attaching the rocks using a dish soap and water solution along with a rag. Remove dirt, grease or any other accumulations on the surface. This ensures the glue will adequately adhere to the surface.

Step 4

Brush a thin layer of urethane glue onto one of the river rocks. Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Tim Carter recommends this type of glue as the best for bonding different materials such as stone and wood together.


Step 5

Push the river rock onto the wall or floor. If adhering the rock to the wall, hold it for several seconds until the bond between the objects sets in.

Step 6

Repeat the rock gluing process until your wall and floor area are adequately covered for your specific project.

Step 7

Allow time to dry based on the specific type of urethane glue you're using.



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